The Doors To Promos Paradise, One Of The Most Successful Online Money Making Services In Australia Has Opened It's Doors Back Up To The Public....

 We have no idea how you got to this website.

Maybe you saw one of our ads. Perhaps a friend of yours told you how they started outsmarting the bookmakers of Australia and started effortlessly crushing the odds and making profits regardless of the outcomes. Maybe it was pure dumb luck.

However you got here, you are here now, and without a doubt, this is one of the most valuable investments that you will ever stumble across. 

Let us explain why...

When most people hear the word "Gambling," the only thought that comes to their head is hard earned money lost.

When people hear about a service which involves "Gambling," the only thing that comes to their heads is "Scam." 

Let us make this very clear friend,

This is not gambling.

And this is not a scam.

Back in early 2015, we stumbled across an investment called "Matched Betting." It was explained to us as a legal loophole which uses bookmakers promotions against each other to give yourself the house edge. 

You know how they offer you ongoing promotions?

Like "Deposit $100 then get a $100 Bonus Bet!" 

Or "Get paid out if your team lead by 20 then loses."

Or that ad on TV where the bloke yells at you "OI YOU, BET ON.." 

Yes, those shameless advertisements which are used on every ad break after a goal. Ads which are used to suck YOU into depositing money into a gambling agency.

Now, what we are about to share with you is one of the most well hidden kept secrets of the game.

Stay with us here...

What you are about to learn, will have the bookmakers itching their heads.

They don't want you to find out about this.

They want to continue sucking you in with these promotional offers. They don't want you to know there is a way to profit with minimal risk via promotional offers. 

Want to know the best thing about it all?

It's 100% Legal, and Tax-Free Cash. You don't have to have any experience whatsoever with sports, racing or betting agencies. Just sit back, and let the experts show you how it's done.

Guess these bookies are good for something after all...

Now let's make some Cash together! 

How many investments can show you a graph like this?
Most investments will not have graphs like this. You will see a gentle incline, then a more significant decline. Or a massive drop, later another fall. Forget about those days, welcome to an investment where the only movement that happens to your graph is a steady upwards line!

Some of the happy members from The Cash Kings family!
Calvin's Promos Of The Day
- Daily Tips using the Sports Promotion method from "The Elites System"
- Exact bets, stakes & potential payouts
- Small & Controlled losses
- In-depth statistics & analysis behind each pick
- 5 Minutes to place bets

Sports Calendar 
- Every Sports promotion offered
- Promotion descriptions & dates
- Filter by Agency or Sport
- Easy navigation
- Updated regularly

Racing Calendar 
- Every Racing promotion offered
- Promotion descriptions & times
- ‘Next to Go’ timer
- Easy navigation
- Updated regularly

Promo Mogul
- Personalise Calvin's bets to suit you
- Formulate your own promotional bets
- Inbuilt hedging calculator
- Displays essential information
- Share your bets with other members

Minor Level Sustainability Course
One of the biggest issues with Matched Bettors and even successful punters is that their accounts get shut down because the bookmakers deem them 'non-profitable'.

Promos Paradise comes with an in-depth Sustainability Course that teaches you proven methods of keeping the bookmakers from banning your accounts.

The equation is simple.
Keeping your accounts active = More profits for longer

Something most fail to understand. 

One of the hottest topics in Matched Betting right now. We provide you with everything you need and that includes a detailed 10-step Minor Account Sustainability Course. In addition to our selective promotional bets, we teach you many other factors that you can implement to keep your accounts active for as long as possible. The longer your accounts are open, the more profits you are bringing in through Promos Paradise on a weekly basis!

This Course provides you simple-to-follow proven methods to keeping your accounts active and good in the bookmakers’ eyes. Learn how to slip under the bookmakers’ Radar and prolong your profits.
Guaranteed Profits 
If you follow our bets each month we guarantee you profits. Our results speak for themselves. The Sports Promotions method we utilise in Calvin’s Promos of the Day is one of the most profitable methods we teach in The Elites System.
Data & Statistics 
We are selective and effective with our picks. A deep database of statistics allows our long term Matched Bettor & Expert Analyst pick the teams with the highest probability of paying off the most valuable promotions. Make more profits with fewer bets!
Timely Information 
Promotions are put up on our Sports & Racing Calendar almost as soon as the bookmakers have it up on their website. Don’t miss a single money-making opportunity with our fast-tracked information gathering systems.
Account Sustainability
The combination of a 10 step Account Sustainability Course & selective picks prevents 'promotion abuse' resulting in your accounts staying active for longer. Longer account life means more profits coming straight into your bank account.

Calvin's Promos Of The Day Has Made +$17,009 in Just Under 8 MONTHS!

That is an average of $2218 PER MONTH.

That is an average of $508.9 PER WEEK.

That is an average of $72.7 PER DAY.


January (26th - 31st) : +$146.5 
February : +$864.75
March : +$1783.55
April : +$2753.81
June : +$3458.52
July : +$2587.22
August : +$2108.54
September (1st - 16th) : +$518.5

Total Profit: +$17,009

That is an average of $2218 PER MONTH.

That is an average of $508.9 PER WEEK.

That is an average of $72.7 PER DAY.

How would an effortless $72.7 of Tax Free Cash coming into your pocket feel every day for nearly 8 months!? Cause that is EXACTLY what Promos Paradise subscribers have experienced!
Let's Take A Look At Some Of The Results A Statistical Approach Has...

Nail to the head. Welcome to stats!
On the 25th of August, we had a +$443.6 DAY! There were over 10 games to chose from that day, but using a statistical approach, we limited it down to our best 3 picks. Let's take a look inside the results...
As we can see, Rabbitohs lead by 12 points early on and then lost. This means that Bet365 had to pay us out! 

Total Profit = $308 - $27.4 (Initial Risk If Radiers Won) = +$280.6
The green line is showing us that Sydney lead by over 24 points during the 2nd Quarter. They then went on to lose the game, which means Bet365 & Ubet had to pay us out. Boom!

Total Profit = $168 + $30 - $5 (Initial Risk If Hawthorn Won) = +$193
It's not always profits using this method. As some are aware, The Cash Kings specialize in many methods which guarantee profits with a 0% Mathematical Risk, but the Sports Promo method is slightly different. There will at times be some small losses (which barely even dint the profit graph as you can see). Do not let these small losses phase you, cause overall you are ALWAYS a winner using this method!
There are many seasons with Matched Betting. During the World Cup, the bookies started offering a DISGUSTING amount of promotions for us to take advantage of. Let's check some of them out...
England won, so we acquired a $50 Bonus Bet from Sportset. Using the more advanced Bonus Turnover method from The Elites System, we are able to turn that $50 Bonus into $40 CASH with a 0% Mathematical Risk.

Total Profit = $40 ($50 Bonus Bet Turned Into Real Cash) + 13.25 = $53.25
Another small loss. Would you say the -$8 losses are worth a $280+ PAYOUT? Just check the bet slip below!
"OI YOU... BET ON..." haha. They really don't want you finding out about this!

Thanks to "OI" Sportsbet "YOU", we made +$212 as Panama lead at HT then lost. Learn to play these bookies at their own game!
NFL season has arrived! 
There are promos nearly EVERY DAY once NBA season hits again!
This is why STATS are so important. You need to understand when to hit a promo, and when not to. You should ONLY be putting promotional bets in your accounts which have VALUE! Most Matched Bettors aimlessly bet on every promotional offer, where as Calvin only selects the ones which he knows have the highest chance of paying off. This ensures your accounts will not be promotion banned early on like the 95% of Matched Bettors who spam every promotion on every game, hoping for the best. We do it different. 3 Plays, 3 Wins! 

Calvin's Promos Of The Day Has Made +$17,009 in Just Under 8 MONTHS!
Here's a summary of everything you get when you sign up today...

✅ Sports Promotion Calendar (Value $47 Per Month
✅ Racing Promotion          Calendar (Value $97 Per Month)
✅ Promo Mogul Tool (Value $27 Per Month)
✅ Calvin's Promos Of The Day (Value $197 Per Month)
✅ FREE BONUS #1: Minor Level Sustainability Course (Value $497)

If you sign up to Promos Paradise, Log in each week and take action on our suggested bets, you should have a new, viable source of income which has averaged over $2000 a month since starting up in January 2018. Hundreds of reviews prove this. 

Incase you are not certain, we want to offer you a crazy guarantee. 

Simply sign up to Promos Paradise, and if our suggested Matched Bets do not make you a profit in your first 4 weeks (which is the closest thing to impossible), we will give you a 100% REFUND + $250 out of our own pockets. 

You heard that correct.

We will guarantee you profits in your first 4 weeks, or we give you a 100% refund + $250 out of our own pockets.

No services can make guarantees like this, and it's cause they don't know how to deliver PROFITABLE RESULTS on a consistent basis! 

No lock in contracts! Cancel before the 14 days to avoid billing by visiting the MY ACCOUNT Section!
'Easy way of making cash quick, easy and without any risk'
- Zac G
'Easily doubled my money in the first month. Well worth it!'
- Mitchell S
'Great service and really great tips and strategies in making risk free cash! Definitely give it a go, really good knowledge to learn'
- Aaron G
'The sophistication of this setup is as professional as you’d find, period. These guys have a serious passion for what they do and it shows when you experience the extra mile they go in customer service. I’ll admit, I was pretty anxious taking this online punt.. until I experienced these guys, if you’re doubting this being genuine, give them a chance to prove you wrong. You definitely won’t be disappointed'
- John L
Great service! Easy to follow!
- Jack L
'You can read as many reviews as you like but you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying this. I never post reviews but you guys deserve it. Amazing service.'
- Zul A
'These guys are great at their craft, great communication and are all about making you money! Couldn't ask for an easier way to make some extra bankroll'
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'Absolute fool proof way to make easy cash! The guys couldn't have been more helpful, made my money back within the first day! Definitely recommend!!'
- Cory L
'There are so many gamblers out there - and people involved in sports betting. Sure you can make the odd big win, but the majority of times you lose and you can lose big. This is why betting companies make millions of dollars of hard-earned taxpayer's money. Here, there is a risk free method which not only puts the hard-earned taxpayer's money to good use but it also can result in hundreds of dollars in profit at 0% risk. That's right 0% risk. Win lose or draw, you will NEVER lose money. By using this method you will make money 100% guaranteed. Personally I have made over 2 grand in the space of a couple of weeks. If you're smart - you will join up today!!'
- Aravind T
'great service have resubscribed for another month'
- Nathan T
'Not only offer a very sophisticated service but when they go the extra mile and help you out when you personally contact the Lads is when you know the cash kings are a group who genuinely want to help you out! Easy lads to speak to for tips and services. Highly recommend them.'
- Ben R
" I was in MLM for four years and the most I made in a month was $60. This has made me $900 in my first month and already $300 in September alone.
No cold calls, no pushing people to come to seminars, no flogging products. Show me another system that gets results as quickly and sustainably as this. "

Special Discount Offer For The First 15 Subscribers Of Each Month!
For a strictly limited time you can get your hands on Promos Paradise for a fraction of what it usually cost. You'll be able to turn your phone or laptop into your own personal ATM machine with only 5 minutes each day! 

Here is a reminder off everything you get with Promos Paradise Today:

✅ Sports Promotion Calendar (Value $47 Per Month)
✅ Racing Promotion Calendar (Value $97 Per Month)
✅ Promo Mogul Tool (Value $27 Per Month)
✅ Calvin's Promos Of The Day (Value $197 Per Month) 
FREE BONUS#1:Minor Level Sustainability Course (Value $497)


$97/Month With A Free 14 Day Trial!  
Or You Can Save 30% By Purchasing The 6 Month Subscription
$407/6 Months
You MUST act now though to get this special discount offer. This offer will be strictly limited to the first 15 people who take action each month. 

If you happen to be unlucky number 16 or 29, I'm sorry but you will need to invest the full $368 per month. Do NOT delay, fill in your details below and let's start making profits together every single month with predictability to start giving yourself a bit more freedom in life.
No lock in contracts. Cancel anytime, any month. 

Still Have Some Concerns? Here Are Some Questions We Get Asked The Most By Our Future Members.....
Is it legal?
Matched Betting is 100% LEGAL! As long as you are a resident of Australia and over the age of 18 you will have no issues.

Do you have a trial?
We have a FREE book called "Bonus Basher." This used to retail for $157 and can see up to $2500+ risk-free profits easily. It is a short-term method of Matched Betting. Try it for yourself and make immediate gains with our Free Bonus Basher Booklet. Be warned – approach this in the wrong way, and you may be seeing a promotional ban early on. This is where the Minor Level Sustainability Course Will Help You! 

What sort of profits can you make with Matched Betting?
It is all dependent on the individual and how much time they are willing to put into it. Within our service, we have experienced matched bettors making more than the average income in Australia. Ongoing sport/racing promotions can see you earning $3000+ per month on a consistent basis. There are many more advanced methods we specialize in that bring in more substantial profits than these. They require more skill and more time compared to Calvin's Promos Of The Day.

What time are the bets posted? 
Bets are posted the night before. We will also send you an email notifying you when the bets are up!

I am from a state which excludes me from bonus bets/promotions, can I still profit with Promos Paradise?

Yes! We are from VIC and are offered 99% of the ongoing promotions. Same goes for every other state when it comes to the current promotions, but – SA.
If you are from SA, you will face a few more difficulties due to the legislation your government has in place. In saying that, it is still very profitable. Yes, you will be blocked off from some of the agencies offers, but it is still worthwhile in giving this a go. We have many members from SA who are in our consistently profiting with our system on a daily basis. Do not let this small hiccup stop you from giving this a go. All you need to do is use the Promo Tool and adjust your bet if a certain agency is not offering you a Promotion.

How much time do I need to start Promos Paradise? Can I do this with a full-time job?
YES! That is the beauty of Promos Paradise; it is the perfect side income even if you are limited with time. All you need to do each morning is check Calvin's suggested bets. It takes around 5 minutes to copy our blueprint bets each morning. Once that is done, you can get back to your daily activities. Set and forget!

How long till I see results from Promos Paradise?
According to the history of Calvin's Promos Of The Day, we average $73 a day. So it should not be long before you start seeing profits - Put it that way!

What's the difference between the Elites System and Promos Paradise?
Firstly, Promos Paradise only specializes in one method from The Elites System - "Sports Promotions". The Elites System teaches over ten methods! Promos Paradise is more of a tool used to ignite the content from The Elites System, hence why it is usually only available to Elites. Profits will be much higher with the Elites System no doubt, but this is a great place to start if you are wanting to build your bankroll up or get our expert sport promotional Matched bets from Calvin himself. 

Do the bookies care if I do this?
Of course, they HATE IT! They have systems in place which are used to track down Matched Bettors. Once traced, they instantly ban your accounts from Promotions. This is why we offer a minor level sustainability course to those who become apart of Promos Paradise. The key is to think long term, and that is achieved by not only a statistical approach, but by being Sustainable. Stats are useless unless you understand sustainability, PERIOD!

Why isn’t everyone doing this?
Because of the way human nature works. Why else? When people see something that seems too good to be true, they ignore it and never look back and ultimately miss out on opportunities. Make sure you don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity.

Can I trust this guarantee?
Of course. Major companies like VISA, STRIPE & MasterCard back it. The only people who can lose out on this is us. If you do not make profits with our system within the first 30 days, we will give you a full 100% Refund and pay you out +$750 on top. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

How do I know I can trust The Cash Kings Arbitrage?
Firstly, we have been in this niche for over Seven years combined and never deviated. This is our life's work. We believe the best way you can judge whether a service is trustworthy is by analysing their level of commitment to their customers and craft. Not only have we mastered our field and made hundreds of thousands using these skills, but we have been able to transfer these skills to over 5000 Australian individuals and we estimate that they've made well over $10,000,000 combined.
You can check our reviews also at our website, and look for yourself. Our average Customer rating is 5 out of 5 stars.
You can also have a look at our forums on our website, open Facebook group and YouTube channel.
You will see nothing but cold hard proof that what we do is nothing but a gold mine. This is our life’s work, our results are proven, and our student's results are even more proven. There’s more proof for the Elites System than there is proof that the world is round.

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